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Nouakchott   -     -   Mauritania
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Udo Krippner
Captn Sober
Telephone :  
Telephone :

International Dialing code prefix:   222               Telephone Hotline:  

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Mailing Address:
Nouakchott HHH
American Embassy
P.O.Box 222
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Usual Runtime : Summer:   once a month
Usual Runtime : Winter: once a month
The Running:     sandy, between 5 and 10 km
Other Run Info:     very small hashgroup, but good running (sand and dunes], once a month occasion,contact Grandmaster Udo ''Capt'n Sober'' Krippner at the German Embassy in Nouakchott or via e-mail (]
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Entry :
    Once a month. Sandy terrain, between 5 and 10 km. Very small hashgroup, but good running

Date Established:         -   years

By Founder: Udo 'Capt'n Sober' Krippner       from the Mother Hash: [- info missing -]

and Co-Founders: [- info missing -]

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