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Khartoum   -   Khartoum   -   Sudan
-   running for 21 years   -
Africa Hash

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Louis van Eyssen
Dancing Queen
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Amanda Schweitzer
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Lee-Anne Adams
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Usual Runtime : Summer:   5.30/6.00 pm Monday
Usual Runtime : Winter: 5.00/5.30 pm Monday
The Running:     anything and everything
Other Run Info:     Hash every Monday - hot season 5:45/6:00 pm, cool season 5:15/5:30 Varied
Terrain, muddy to dusty. Outside built up areas. NO SHORTS AND NO BARE

Not a hash for kids.!

KHHH is the hottest and dryest hash in the world. It was revived on Feb 2003 by
BushPuss, Feike, and the very cute HappyJappy (these are hash names!). They no
longer work in Khartoum but the hash that they started kept going on and on
hotter and hotter. All you have to do is to show up in
a regular hash event (see the event details in this website and/or subscribe for
the hash mail), pay the fee (about $4 USD), and make sure you enjoy a hash
spirit which you learn all about once you meet the hottest hashers in the world!
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Entry :
    5.30/6.00 pm Monday. Muddy to dusty. Note: For men and women, no shorts or bare shoulders.

Date Established:   15-Apr-03       -   21.2 years

By Founder: Peter Lindstrom       from the Mother Hash: [- info missing -]

and Co-Founders: Peter Van de Mere, Dick Coppinger, Alan McMerdo

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