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Local Contact Information :

Edwin Wachira
Gym Couture
Telephone :   +254 20 423 6000
Telephone :   +254 722 715022
Diana Wanjiku
Telephone :   +254 721 965550
Telephone :
Shut the Fuck Up
Telephone :  
Telephone :
Mchuzi Mix
Telephone :  
Telephone :
Jeske van de Gevel
Weed Wacker
Telephone :  
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International Dialing code prefix:   +254               Telephone Hotline:   +254 733 634406   (Try this first !)

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Mailing Address:
Edwin Wachira
P.O. Box 60406 - 00200
City Square, Nairobi

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Mondays, 5:00pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Mondays, 5:00pm
The Running:     Residential and Bush - Rock, Tarmac, Grass, Dust/Dry, Garden, Slum, Coffee.!!! Mud/Wet
4-7km, Hash pace
Other Run Info:     Average 30-35 runners. Runs mainly from homes.
Kenya Shillings 900 payment covers dinner & Mismanagement Kitty. Beer & sodas
kept at minimum prices. Extras available for sale. No holds barred. RA's word is final.

We don't like people who only come for the run. This is a social group, hashing, beer drinking, bad joke telling, singing. Down-downs and food after each run. At
least one weekend event a month. Visitors and
virgins are most welcome
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    Mondays, 5:00pm. Residential and Bush - Rock, Tarmac, Grass, Dust/Dry. 4-7km, Hash pace. Average 30-35 runners. Runs mainly from homes.

Date Established:   15-Jan-00       -   24.5 years

By Founder: Aggrey 'Electrocuted' Chabeda       from the Mother Hash: Nairobi HHH

and Co-Founders: John 'Missionary' Edwards

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