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Tripoli HHH (Desert Rats)
Tripoli   -     -   Libya
-   running for 26 years   -
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Sandra Grendelmeier
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Linda Nolan
Trolley DollyCome_Dancing
Telephone :   (91) 3857052
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Roger Dugal
Telephone :   (91) 3233493
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Usual Runtime : Summer:   Alternate Friday 18:00
Usual Runtime : Winter: Alternate Friday 17:00
The Running:     Terrain Type :- Desert, Coastal Strip, Beach

Distance/Pace :- Not far, 5km, separate group walks
Other Run Info:     Family hash/ though mainly male for obvious reasons

Meet, and on ons, at secluded (walled) camps for obvious reasons.
Family Hash - notices distributed mainly by e-mail food
available after the circle and down downs.
BYO Amber nectar
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    Alternate Friday 18:00. Desert, Coastal Strip, Beach. Not far, 5km, separate group walks. Family hash/ though mainly male for obvious reasons.

Date Established:   15-Mar-98       -   26.3 years

By Founder: Steve (Black Dong) Alexander       from the Mother Hash: [- info missing -]

and Co-Founders: Kris Rice (Rothweiler)

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