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Mombasa   -     -   Kenya
-   running for 22 years   -
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Local Contact Information :

Trevor Fellows
Telephone :   +254729500052
Telephone :
Birju Shah
Telephone :   +254722 841536
Telephone :
Emily Aganda
Telephone :   254 992 692
Telephone :   722 992 692

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Mailing Address:
Trevor Fellows - G.M. - (RHole)
PO Box 66074-00800

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Saturday - 1600 - Monthly
Usual Runtime : Winter: Saturday - 1600 - Monthly
The Running:     Rather flat. Distance/Pace :- 6km - 8km
Other Run Info:     SWANK derives from: SWAhili Northcoast Kenya.

The SWANK HHH was created with two intentions.
Firstly, to re-establish Hashing on the coast, along with SOS's Malindi HHH (now defunct). Secondly, to run anywhere in the world, any time, to mark special occasions, such as St. Patricks Day, Full Moons, Halloween
etc. in the same way as the famous C.L.I.T. (Caribbean, Liming, Imbibing, Touring HHH) and the TDH3 (Thinking, Drinking HHH), from Thailand. It is also closely allied to the Walevi Team and ethic associated with the Naivasha Relay.

One of the host Hashes for Africa Interhash 2003

Family Hash - a relaxed bunch - well, it's hot on the coast here!
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Entry :
    Saturday - 1600 - Monthly. Rather flat. Distance/Pace :- 6km - 8km. Family Hash - a relaxed bunch.

Date Established:   1-Oct-02       -   21.6 years

By Founder: R'Hole       from the Mother Hash: Nairobi HHH

and Co-Founders: Mouth

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