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John Mbonu
Keep on Pumping
Telephone :   0705 656-9274 (mobile)
Telephone :  
Tim Little
Double Dickhead
Telephone :   803 305-5903 (mobile)
Telephone :
Kojo Akran
Monkey Spanker
Telephone :   +234 803 303-2630 (mobile)
Telephone :  
Capt. Bob Burstall
Ozzy Bob
Telephone :   805 3424628
Telephone :  

International Dialing code prefix:   +234               Telephone Hotline:   +234 (802) 312-9393   (Try this first !)

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Mailing Address:
Gbenga Ajala
P.O.Box 74125
Victoria Island
Lagos Nigeria

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Thursday (of course !) 6 pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Thursday (of course !) 6 pm
The Running:     Urban, some bush, some shit, 5 km - Old guys !!
Other Run Info:     Great hash for hashers who like a good atmosphere not
hindered by too much running and not having to be nice to the women and kids - they just ain't allowed !!

Pronounced Thursadee and named so as a result of dim and distant past misprint on a T-shirt.
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    Thursday (of course !) 6 pm. Men only. Urban, some bush, some shit, 5 km - Old guys !!

Date Established:   15-May-94       -   30.1 years

By Founder: Jim 'Headgear' Hatt       from the Mother Hash: Lagos HHH

and Co-Founders: Lynne 'Squits' Clarke-Jones, Fred 'Wild Horse' Cheval

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