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N'djamena HHH
N'djamena   -     -   Chad
-   running for 20 years   -
Africa Hash

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Paul Gallagher
Telephone :   51-70-09
Telephone :   31-08-77
Michael Schittenhelm
Mick the Kraut
Telephone :   +235-630 727 15
Telephone :   +235 6359 4450

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Usual Runtime : Summer:   Wednesday 17:30
Usual Runtime : Winter: Whats Winter
The Running:     Hot,dry,dusty, and seemingly dodgy
Other Run Info:     Adult Hash. Songs and crew house 100 meters from the UNHCR headquarters for a swim and drinks!!!
I dont know whats happening here - all seem to have been taken away by aliens......?
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Entry :
    Wednesday 17:30. Hot,dry,dusty. Adult Hash. Where? From outside the maingate of the UNHCR

Date Established:   3-Dec-04       -   19.6 years

By Founder: Beerhound       from the Mother Hash: Lagos HHH

and Co-Founders: Chief SureFire, Double Dribble, Rug Burn, Taste My Jerky

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