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Juba   -     -   South Sudan
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Africa Hash

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Edmore Mahlupeka
Telephone :   +211 929 009 920
Telephone :   +263 77 288 3645
Cameron Birge
Pot Hole
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Carole Harris
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Usual Runtime : Summer:   Saturday morning at 7:00am
Usual Runtime : Winter: Saturday morning at 7:00am
The Running:     Shiggy and shite and smells for Runners & Wankers - - about 1 hour
Other Run Info:     Family Hash for those without families. i.e. no kids. Well-behaved dogs occasionally welcome.

Not as debauched as most since a lot of Christian NGO-types are members. Hell, we even allow baptisms with water!

Fairly laid back Hash, we do some songs and the circle but not a lot of emphasis on a number of the more debaucherous traditions. We attempt to attract a number of runners from the community and thus keep it rather chilled.
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    Saturday - 5:15pm. Shiggy and shite for Runners & Wankers - about 1 hour. Family Hash for those without families. i.e. no kids.

Date Established:   15-Apr-06       -   18.3 years

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