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Harare Full Moon HHH (confirmed deceased)
Harare   -   Mashonaland   -   Zimbabwe
-   running for 15 years   -
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Local Contact Information :

Snowy Neves
Colcom Kid
Telephone :   264 772 232967
Telephone :   264 772 232967
Donald MacDonald
Dinosaur Don
Telephone :   263772234399
Telephone :  
Malcolm Smith
PC Plod
Telephone :   2630772163557
Telephone :  

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Usual Runtime : Summer:   on the full moon
Usual Runtime : Winter: on the full moon
The Running:     Terrain Type :- urban/rural
Distance/Pace :- 5km
Other Run Info:     An ADULT hash which meets every full moon. Run fee US$12 which includes beer on site. Dinner organised after the run at friendly/understanding restaurants.
We are DEFINITELY not part of the Harare Hash House Harriers, who are openly hostile to us as they see us as a threat to the parochial clique they have sadly become.
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Entry :
    On the full moon. Urban/rural - 5km. An ADULT hash which meets every full moon. Followed by a restaurant evening.

Date Established:   2-Dec-09       -   14.6 years

By Founder: Snowy (Colcom Kid) Neves       from the Mother Hash: Harare HHH

and Co-Founders: Malcolm (PC Plod) Smith and Donald (Dinosaur Don) MacDonald

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