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Abidjan   -     -   Ivory Coast
-   running for 23 years   -
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Arnold de Jong
Cheese Head
Telephone :   +22507014053
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Gary Blyth
Telephone :   +22507769689
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Thor Boye
Telephone :  
Telephone :
Telephone :   +22507827797
Telephone :  
Venus Trap
Telephone :   +22507758207
Telephone :  

International Dialing code prefix:                 Telephone Hotline:   +22507769689   (Try this first !)

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Usual Runtime : Summer:   Every third Sunday (afternoon, 15.30)
Usual Runtime : Winter: Every third Sunday (afternoon, 15.30)
The Running:     Flat with some -none steep- hills, depends on exact location around Abidjan
Other Run Info:     An anglophone hash (Abidjan being frankophonic).
As long as you can speak some English, are able to walk (or) run for an hour, knowing that you even have a break half way, then you qualify !
Being in an athletic shape is nice, but good mood is mandatory !!!

For a visit in Ivory Coast? Join our hash that third Sunday of the month, or any other week the frankophonic, held every Saturday afternoon (
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Entry :
    Every third Sunday (afternoon, 15.30 start) Run or walk, about 1 hour, with beer stop in between. English speaking hash.

Date Established:   15-Jan-01       -   22.9 years

By Founder: Mike ''Rajun Cajun'' and Valencia ''Juicy'' Hebert       from the Mother Hash: [- info missing -]

and Co-Founders: [- info missing -]

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