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Dirty Djiboutian HHH
Camp Lemmonier   -     -   Djibouti
-   running for 11 years   -
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Thomas M. Arnold
Telephone :   311-824-9401
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Cory T. Wright
Magellan's Little Bitch
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Broke Back Bourbon
Telephone :   311-824-4378
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David Dacastello
Hey! Cockarena
Telephone :   311-824-4277
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International Dialing code prefix:                 Telephone Hotline:   00-253-341-586-4378   (Try this first !)

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Rolando Martinez
PSC 831
Box 0032
FPO AE 09363-0001

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Friday 7:00 pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Friday 7:00 pm
The Running:     Terrain Type :- Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel, Rocky
Distance/Pace :- 4.5 miles
Other Run Info:     Contact at Camp Lemmonier
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Date Established:   15-Nov-13       -   10.7 years

By Founder: Magellan       from the Mother Hash: East Hill Hash House Harriers out of Pensacola, Florida, USA

and Co-Founders: Magellan's Little Bitch
Broke Back Bourbon
Hey! Cockarena
Swamp Ass to Mouth
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