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North Durban HHH
Durban   -   KwaZulu-Natal   -   South Africa
-   running for 38 years   -
Africa Hash

Local Contact Information :

Derek Rye
Telephone :   +27 (0)32 945-1005
Telephone :   +27 (0)83-628-5184
Les Juby
Telephone :   +27 (0)31 563-8344
Telephone :   +27 (0)82-891-9439
Colin Young
Telephone :   +27 (0)31 572-4841
Telephone :
Peter van der Vywer
10 Speed
Telephone :   +27 (0)31 579-3872
Telephone :   +27 (0)82-459-9962
Jasper Knight
Telephone :   +27 (0)31 539-4424
Telephone :   +27 (0)72-156-2828

International Dialing code prefix:   +27               Telephone Hotline:   (031) 563-8344   (Try this first !)

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Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 35243
Northway 4065
South Africa

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Tuesdays at 6:00pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Tuesdays at 6:00pm
The Running:     Summer - Bush, beach and sugar plantations. Winter - Suburban streets. Probably the easiest hash in Durban and known as [the Hash that doesn't strain]. Sports a fast growing walkers division.!

Lately, the format is a pub run (Brit style) every second week, with bush based runs on the alternate week.

Other Run Info:     No children or dogs.
Established as a male only hash, but weaker sex visitors with statuesque bodies welcome.
Cumming up for the 1750th run in mid May-2015.
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    Tuesdays at 6:00pm. Summer - Bush, beach and sugar plantations. Winter - Suburban streets. No children or dogs. Male only, female visitors welcome.

Date Established:   22-Sep-81       -   37.8 years

By Founder: Garth ''Bok'' Berg       from the Mother Hash: Durban

and Co-Founders: Brian ''The Gent'' Orton, Laurie ''Garth Vader'' Berg

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