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Africa Hash

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David Mackie
Telephone :   +20 1228688836
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Bob Williams
Bad Bastard
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Ken Davies
Barbie's Squashed Balls
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Gordon Law
Soft Wired
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David Mackie
New Maadi

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Fridays at 5pm (but always check website first)
Usual Runtime : Winter: Fridays at 2pm (but always check website first)
The Running:     Lots of hard packed sand and rocks.1 hour/ walkers, trail overlaps with running pack. 6km walk; up to 10km run - all paces. Always bring lots of drinking water. Also bring a sweatshirt, even in the summer. We have lots of dogs and we are even kid friendly. Family HASH. Local brew: Stella; Sakara and
Other Run Info:     Family hash with some adult material.
Hasher lodgers on short notice welcomed (depending on bra size).
Leashed dogs welcome.
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    Fridays at 5pm (2pm winter). Family hash. Lots of hard packed sand and rocks. Walk 1 hour - 6km walk; up to 10km run. All paces catered for.

Date Established:   19-Oct-80       -   43.8 years

By Founder: Adrian Hromiak       from the Mother Hash: KL (Mother Hash)

and Co-Founders: [- info missing -]

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