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Lilongwe   -   Central Region   -   Malawi
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Marcel Blankenstein
Telephone :   +265 (0) 999 821 959
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Bill Sass
Bull Shit
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Mina Hosseinipour
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Margie MacLachlan
Telephone :   +265888841349
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Mailing Address:
Marcel Bimboy Blankenstein
P O Box 40527
Lilongwe 4

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Mondays at 5:15pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Mondays at 5:00 pm
The Running:     Mixed bush and urban. 90% bush trails, Average Run length & Pace 5 to 8 kms, 45 minutes - Run normally splits to a fast and an ambling pack part way through.
Other Run Info:     Family Hash - therefore only 'slightly debauched' - but there are definitely exceptions!
Short, Medium & Long runs and walk. Food, sometimes, beer ALWAYS!
Newcumers welcomed with a warm "Greens"
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    Mondays at 5:15pm. Mixed bush and urban. 5 to 8 kms, 45 minute. All welcome. Family Hash - therefore only slightly debauched.

Date Established:         -   years

By Founder: Robin Foster-Brown       from the Mother Hash: Kuala Lumpur

and Co-Founders: Garry Tullidge

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