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Freetown   -   Western Area   -   Sierra Leone
-   running for 38 years   -
Africa Hash

Local Contact Information :

Emad Khoury
Telephone :   +232 76 608351
Telephone :
Clive Neel
Not Tonight Josephine
Telephone :   +232 76 615673
Telephone :
Abe Rahall
Always Up, Never Down
Telephone :   +232 76 605378
Telephone :  
Hussein Kesrouani
Telephone :   +232-33-601096
Telephone :  

International Dialing code prefix:   + 232               Telephone Hotline:   +232 76 615 673   (Try this first !)

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Mailing Address:
Clive Neel
PO Box 564
Sierra Leone

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Mondays at 18h00
Usual Runtime : Winter: Mondays at 18h00
The Running:     Varied, mountains,coastline,varied. Average Runlength & Pace 45 mins., run or walk, 3 to 4 miles, very SLOW.
Other Run Info:     Family hash, in theory, but parents need to have open minded children!

Post-war, multi-cultural Hash, extremely popular. Average 70 runners during the dry season.

Take plenty malaria prophylactics, or, alternatively soak heavily for several days in gin and quinine tonic. This should keep the Mozzies at bay!

We have a family Hash run every last Sunday of the month at one of the many beaches except during the rainy season when we tend to stay within the city of Freetown.

Send texts for run information to cell number +232 76 615673
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Entry :
    Mondays at 18h00. Varied: mountains,coastline.. About 45 mins., run or walk, 3 to 4 miles, very SLOW. Family hash, in theory.

Date Established:   1-Feb-87       -   37.5 years

By Founder: Mike Jabber .....Sir Jabber Jabber       from the Mother Hash: Mokanji/Mobimbi

and Co-Founders: Abe Rahall, Mike Rekab, Clive Neel, Emad Khoury

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