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Dar es Salaam   -   Pwani   -   Tanzania
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Don Stirling
Pearl Necklace
Telephone :   +255765935912
Telephone :,
Simon Bugg
Telephone :   +255755576566
Telephone :
Mark Golding
Wet Dream
Telephone :   +255 754 288 219
Telephone :

International Dialing code prefix:   +255               Telephone Hotline:   +255 767 444 894   (Try this first !)

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Mailing Address:
Mark Golding
PO Box 500 (DSLAM)PO Box 106251
Dar es Salaam

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Mondays at 5:30pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Mondays at 5:30pm
The Running:     Urban and bush with plenty shiggy in the wet season. Pretty much all around Dar.
Average Runlength & Pace: 5km to 6km, not too demanding, with a walking option.
Other Run Info:     Founded in 1983, a semi family hash, gets a little rough at times, all visitors welcome and the walk is suitable for all.

Cost Tshs 20,000 (US$ 9) for beer and food

About 40 - 50 regular hashers. The longer runs are 6 - 7km, shorter runs about 5km and there's a walk for the bumpies of around 3km. We completed our 1000th
Run on 18 October 2003

Hash Houses / Recommended watering holes.....
- The Q Bar off Haile Selassie Road
- Jackies Bar on Haille Selassie
- Das es Salaam Yacht Club, Msasani
- George & Dragon on Haille Selassie Road in Msasani
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Entry :
    Mondays at 5:30pm. Urban and bush, plenty shiggy in wet season. 5km to 6km, not hard, walking option. All visitors welcome. Little rough at times.

Date Established:   9-Feb-82       -   42.5 years

By Founder: Ron Peachey       from the Mother Hash: [- info missing -]

and Co-Founders: Tony Martin

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