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Davin McLaughlin
Little Dipper, Yum, Yum
Telephone :   600-010
Telephone :   600-010
Rolph Meyer
Telephone :   600-008
Telephone :  

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Usual Runtime : Summer:   whenever
Usual Runtime : Winter: whenever
The Running:     Low hills and scrub with lotsa rock. Average Runlength & Pace 4km to 9km. You run or walk.
Other Run Info:     We used to be a fairly hard drinking and late night type of hash we have now gone to a more family orientated style with only a late night now and then. We always used to take our pression machine, (that's beer to all you civilians) out to the field with us. A German Braumeister helped us set up a mobile one but after too many late nights and dangerous drives back from the bush, we've now decided not to take it with us very often. We have even allowed families to come and just walk the routes and get to see a wee bit of the local landscape and if the circle gets a bit to raunchy some of the folks just leave and go have a coke.
We just had our 113 run on 12-April-98.
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    Low hills and scrub with lotsa rock. 4km to 9km. You run or walk.

Date Established:         -   years

By Founder: Bob (Scarface) Taylor       from the Mother Hash: [- info missing -]

and Co-Founders: [- info missing -]

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