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If you are wanting to change details for an existing hash, then please use the UPDATE DETAILS button that you will find at the bottom of the info page for that hash. This preloads existing data and makes for much more accurate maintenance. Access the Hash Detail Pages

Hash House Name:
State / Province / County:
Is this a New Notification ? (not currently listed here)
or an Update of an existing Page ? (Hey - Wrong form - Dummy !)

e-Mail Contacts (via Internet) at least two please . . . MOST IMPORTANT !

Eternal: e-mail address   (optional) Rare, but if you have one that's good. A permanent, redirected e-mail address., for example is reflected to the GM, On-Sec and at least one other who doesn't have a serious substance abuse problem. That way the e-mail address is permanent, but the recipients vary from year to year.

Postal Mailing Address:   Preferably someone who is likely to be a longtime member. This will be used mainly for other international organising committees to mail Interhash details to your On-Sec.

Address Line 1     (contact person)
Address Line 2     (address stuff ...)
Address Line 3  
Address Line 4  

Local Contacts Preferably longtime members.
Can be the same as the e-mail contacts. They do not have to be on mismanagement, but if they are then it gives visitors extra info in deciding who to contact.
Please, WE DO NOT NEED COMMITTEE INFO. This is not a Mismanagement List. These names are for contact purposes and we should have long-standing members details here who may, from time to time, be involved in mismanagement. A new RA should not necessarily be a better contact than Joe Soap who has been one of the four longtime and reliable contacts, should (s)he.?

The contacts listed at left (eMail Contacts 1 to 3) will be used to authorise any future updates to this record. So they should be longtime members with some permanence and be somewhat reliable.
These mail addresses are likely to also receive advance messages from arriving visitors - and will also be used by AfricaHash to beg for updates when InterHash hound us. Get the most permanent and reliable under the first three as these also go into the printed International Hash Directory published every two years.

Local 1:Full Name
Hash Name
eMail Address
Telephone (Primary):   w/ Int Code (local drop code bracketed)
Telephone (Second):   ie:   +27 (0)31 563-8344
Local 2:Full Name
Hash Name
eMail Address
Telephone (Primary):
Telephone (Second):
Local 3:Full Name
Hash Name
eMail Address
Telephone (Primary):
Telephone (Second):
Local 4:Full Name
Hash Name
eMail Address
Telephone (Primary):
Telephone (Second):
Local 5:Full Name
Hash Name
eMail Address
Telephone (Primary):
Telephone (Second):

Other Details
Telephone Hotline:
London, New York, Yes.! The dusty little towns of Africa; we don't think so. But if your delusions have led to a tape recorded message, then put the number here. You could also list the telephone number of someone who always knows where this week's run venue is.!
day of the week & time
Usual run-time: Summer -
Winter -
Terrain Type:  
Average Distance & Pace:  
Other relevant info for visiting hashers &/or comments:
ie: family hash / mixed-male-wimmin / extremely debaunched / amputees only / language issues / local community sensitivities / children / dogs / monthly variations / annual events / unusual costs / diabolical practices / etc.
Website address:   http://

Hash Geneology
Date of First Run:   (ie. Established June, 1986)
Founder:   (Acknowledged FIRST DUDE)
Mother Hash:   (Spawned FIRST DUDE)
Co-Founders:   (Someone or three helped him/her/it)

If you want a reply we'll need your eMail Address:  

And finally, this really helps,
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