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Lagos HHH
Lagos   -     -   Nigeria
-   running for 42 years   -
Africa Hash

Local Contact Information :

Samuel Chuks
Always Free
Telephone :   +2347080419898
Telephone :
Fausta Alakwe
F Deep Hole
Telephone :   +2348034031066
Telephone :
Okechukwu Mbonu
Keep Up Pumping KOP
Telephone :   +2347056569274
Telephone :
Manu Manohar
Sugar Daddy
Telephone :   (803) 5350871
Telephone :   (1) 269-1031
Capt. Bob Burstall
Ozzy Bob
Telephone :   805 3424628
Telephone :  

International Dialing code prefix:   234               Telephone Hotline:  

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Mailing Address:
Soft-Ace Technology
PO Box 50520F111, Road 36, VGC
Lekki - Lagos

Usual Runtime : Summer:   Mondays 6:00pm
Usual Runtime : Winter: Mondays 6:00pm
The Running:     Terrain Type :- City streets mainly, bush on occasion
Distance/Pace :- 7 km medium pace, big beer-bellies welcome
Other Run Info:     Mixed adult hash. Plenty of Hash Songs at the circle.
Membership hash. Quarterly Membership: Naira 12000.00
Visitors: Naira 1500.00 per run.
Max runs: Sugar Daddy: 750 plus

Don't bring kids unless you want them abused!
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Entry :
    Mondays 6:00pm. City streets mainly, bush on occasion. 7 km medium pace. Mixed adult hash. Plenty of Hash Songs at the circle.

Date Established:   15-Sep-77       -   42.0 years

By Founder: Albert Withnall       from the Mother Hash: Singapore

and Co-Founders: [- info missing -]

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