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If you are wanting to notify us of a NEW HASH that is not already on record at AfricaHash, then please Use This Form

Hash House Name:
State / Province / County:
Is this a New Notification ?   (Hey - Wrong form - Dummy !)
or an Update of an existing Page ?   Please carry on......

e-Mail Contacts (via Internet) at least two please . . . MOST IMPORTANT !

Eternal: e-mail address   (optional)   Rare, but if you have one that's good. A permanent, redirected e-mail address., for example is reflected to the GM, On-Sec and at least one other who doesn't have a serious substance abuse problem. That way the e-mail address is permanent, but the recipients may vary from year to year.

Postal Address:   Preferably someone who is likely to be a longtime member. This will be used mainly for other international organising committees to mail Interhash details to your On-Sec.

Address Line 1     (contact person)
Address Line 2     (address stuff ...)
Address Line 3  
Address Line 4  

Local Contacts     Preferably longtime members.
Can be the same as the e-mail contacts. They do not have to be on mismanagement.
Please DO NOT ADVISE US OF ANY COMMITTEE POSITIONS OR CHANGES. This is not a Mismanagement List. These names are for contact purposes and we should have long-standing members details here who may, from time to time, be involved in mismanagement. A new RA should not necessarily be a better contact than Joe Soap who has been one of the four longtime and reliable contacts, should (s)he.?

Local Contact 1: Full Name :    
Hash Name :    
eMail Address :    
Primary Phone :    
Second Phone :    
Local Contact 2: Full Name :    
Hash Name :    
eMail Address :    
Primary Phone :    
Second Phone :    
Local Contact 3: Full Name :    
Hash Name :    
eMail Address :    
Primary Phone :    
Second Phone :    
The above three contacts with details will be printed in the International HHH Directory.

Contacts 4 and 5 below will appear on the AfricaHash website but will not be printed in the directory.

Local Contact 4: Full Name :    
Hash Name :    
eMail Address :    
Primary Phone :    
Second Phone :    
Local Contact 5: Full Name :    
Hash Name :    
eMail Address :    
Primary Phone :    
Second Phone :    

Other Details
Telephone Hotline:
London, New York, Yes.! The dusty little towns of Africa; we don't think so. But if your delusions have led to a tape recorded message, then put the number here. You could also list the telephone number of someone who always knows where this week's run venue is.! A potential visitor in town will probably use this number to make first contact.
day of the week & time
Usual run-time: Summer -
Winter -
Terrain & Pace:  
International Hash  
Directory Entry:  

This field accepts a fixed maximum of 150 characters as per the IHHH Directory requirement.

It usually contains the following info :.... time of runs, terrain, pace and distance, policy on kids and dogs.
    ie functional factual run info.
Other Relevant Info    
for visiting hashers    
and/or Need To    
Know Stuff...    

ie. family hash / mixed-male-wimmin / extremely debaunched / language issues / local community sensitivities / children / dogs / monthly variations / annual events / unusual costs / food after hash / diabolical practices / circle oddities / social media URLs.etc.
Website address:   http://     show http or httpS
If Facebook is your prime web presence then show that here.

Hash Geneology
Approx. Date of First Run:   (ie. 23-Jun-86   or   September 2003)
Founder:   (The acknowledged FIRST DUDE)
Co-Founders:   (Someone or three helped him/her/it)
Mother Hash:   (The HHH that spawned FIRST DUDE)

And Your Name is ..... :  

You can leave any comments, request for receipt confirmation, instructions,
explanations, abusive accusations or simply just react to your paranoids
in the comments box below. ( Someone may read it..... )

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